EDIROL HQ-GM2 Hyper Canvas VSTi

EDIROL HQ-GM2 Hyper Canvas VSTi (EDIROL HQ-GM2 Hyper Canvas VSTi)

Software Synthesizer

HyperCanvas GM2 is GM2 (General MIDI System Level 2) compatible, with 256 sounds and 9 drum sets. Play Jazz, Rock, Classics and more with your unique collection of studio quality instrument sounds. Try a demo.
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HyperCanvas GM2 contains multiple rich sound sources to help you create professional music of any kind. Features include a friendly user interface and a dedicated control panel to easily customize the sounds. Each instrument has levels of variation tones that are useful for a wide variety of music.

The High Quality software synthesizer is equipped with a new sampling waveform and software synthesizer engine that generates amazing quality sound, ideal for new musical creation possibilities. Roland’s synthesizer technology is used to make expressive waveform of various kinds possible. The Software includes 2 Plug-in versions, DirectX Instruments and VST Instruments. This sound source can now be integrated for excellent results.

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